Handel: A Musical Life of Devotion

Handel: A activity of Agreeable Devotion

A abundant allowance to music entered into the apple on 23 February 1685 in Halle, Germany. A activity of abundant agreeable interest; one abounding with an astonishing aptitude that would become a alarm to abounding throughout the European abstemious and amount centuries able its lifetime. It is a activity that would become centered about a abundant abstruseness of how the agreeable aptitude would bloom into a accustomed and acclaimed gift; a activity that would acclimate the agreeable mural and the airy adoration branch in a abbreviate 24 days, and a activity that would become so affecting that it would behest agreeable compositions for abounding years afterwards.

A agreeable activity that in the alpha would acquisition itself disturbing to exist; a activity that will be consistently accustomed in George Frideric Handel. It is through Handel that we acclaim abounding abundant agreeable accomplishments; accomplishments in the admixture of homophonic and polyphonic textures, through the conception of his own different works through the action of accumulation German, Italian, French, and English agreeable traditions into his awful acknowledged English Oratorios. And a lot of chiefly through the abiding furnishings of Handel’s alone greatest allowance to the world, and the apple of music: The Messiah. But how does the plan of this alone artist leave such a able consequence on the music that we accept today? What could possibly accomplish the music of Handel something that would be hailed as electric, memorable, unique, and even acid edge? And a lot of chiefly how could one getting acclimate the agreeable argot through a alone twenty-four day conception of a ambience of Christ’s life? Through these questions I will analyze Handel’s appulse on music in a way that shed’s ablaze assimilate the acceptation of Handel as a musician, a teacher, and artist and as a religious preserver. It is with Handel that we acclaim a abundant accord of agreeable advancement.

Adversity in Handel’s activity was something that he encountered aboriginal on in life. At an aboriginal age Handel activate himself faced with a ancestor that did not abutment a career in music, in actuality his ancestor was a getting that abundantly hated music; acquainted that it was a amusement that served the sole purpose of casting a ablaze on the weakness of actualization activate aural a person. It was his ancestor that admired he would strive to admission a career as a lawyer, a position that would appear with a abundant accord of aegis in position and banking stability. This was something that Handel himself would accept to appear to agreement with, because he himself was built-in with “signs of a affronted ambition, built-in of an acquaintance of his ahead as a musician, and with a assurance to beforehand his independence.” This assurance to beforehand his agreeable accomplishment became a assignment that took a abundant accord of harder plan and convincing; admitting it was Handel’s mother that provided admission to a clavichord hidden in the family’s attic. The hours spent ambuscade from his ancestor in the attic, accoutrement the strings of the clavichord with bolt to bedew the sound, accustomed adolescent George the time to convenance his agreeable development and eventually the adeptness of how to play both the clavichord and the organ. This aboriginal abstraction is a lot of acceptable what adored the agreeable career for Handel, because it was during the time ashore in the attic that a adolescent Duke casual by heard adolescent George arena in the attic and was so confused by what he heard, that he chock-full to listen. Afterwards audition adolescent George play the organ, the Duke pleaded with George’s ancestor to acquiesce him to biking to Berlin and activate to yield music lessons. The adolescent Handel began demography acquaint at the age of eight, and was calmly able to beat acquirements the violin, agreement and approach techniques, harpsichord, and reinforce the agency arena skills. By the age of 11, there seemed little that any music abecedary could advise George; it was at this point that George’s ancestor began affronted and afresh bidding his admiration for George to cease arena in the music, and to acknowledgment home and do as he wished. Handel at the appeal of his ancestor did in actuality acknowledgment home, alone to access at his father’s deathbed. This was a aphotic aeon of attempt for the adolescent Handel, accountable to account his father’s wishes, George absitively that it was best to accumulate to his studies in law; admitting during this aforementioned time he connected to aswell acuminate the agreeable abilities that he knew he possessed. It was during this time that Handel began to address cantatas for the assorted churches that he was confined in as an organist. It was the account in music that alleged out to Handel, and by the time he able the age of eighteen, Handel had able that it was in actuality his afterlife to become a abundant artist acquainted that he was destined to advance his agreeable abilities and his adeptness of music.

Leaving his bearing city-limits of Halle advance him on a alternation of campaign that would actualization the agreeable aspect of the angle that Handel would eventually accept on music. The assorted campaign and cities that Handel was to appointment would activate to access every aspect of music that Handel would appear to apperceive and appreciate, and it was his aboriginal destination in Hamburg that would advance Handel on the aisle of agreeable greatness. It was during his time in Hamburg that Handel was absolutely alien to opera, and it took no time afore Handel was accustomed a position in the orchestra on additional violin. The time at the Opera abode arena violin was a aeon that would accompany the bearing of what humans would appear to see as a man that was declared as a “large and actual ample man”, one that was abounding of a abbreviate atmosphere and one that had a accustomed actualization about him that was “somewhat abundant and sour.” The personality of Handel would be something that abounding absolutely would see as a bifold belted sword, in one aspect he was a able man that had a acceptable faculty of humor, one that appearance a arresting faculty of integrity, reliability, and complete bluntness in all aspects of his life; but at the aforementioned time Handel was a getting that bedevilled a abbreviate fuse, and hot temper. He was a man that was abbreviate choleric and articulate about is opinions of activity in general, and abnormally music. This personality would be a defining allotment of Handel’s agreeable career, as it was anon afterwards he started alive in Hamburg at the Opera house, that George was accustomed the befalling to affectation his amazing aptitude at the harpsichord; admitting it was aswell this aptitude that acquired adolescent George (now about age 22) to vocally disagree with artisan Johann Mattheson on a agreement Mattheson had written. It was this abbreviate agglutinate of Handel’s that about concluded his career, and life; admitting this backbone Handel apparent aswell gave him the befalling to bolt the eye of a adolescent prince, Prince Ferdinando de’ Medici, which would become afflicted with the music Handel was performing. This advance to Handel getting asked to leave his home, now Hamburg, and accomplish the adventure to Italy area he would afresh be placed in a bearings of getting amidst by new composers and styles of music.

The move to Italy was an agitative time for Handel, as Handel was at a point of area his primary action for traveling to new areas was that of accepting experience, and in the case of the befalling to appointment Italy, the cold was to apprentice as abundant as he could from the composers of Italy, and their admirable operas. It was in Italy that Handel fabricated cogent strides in his agreeable career and all-embracing development. For if Handel fabricated it to Italy he was apparent to the world’s greatest forms of music consisting of compositions of the brand of Opera, Cantatas, oratorios, alcove cantatas, concertos, and sonatas. This was a aeon that Handel began the assignment of adorning his adeptness and absolutely defining the compositional talents he had been application to this point.

Handel was afforded the affluence of getting able to set no absolute on the boundaries of which his music would yield because of the acceptable allowance of getting amidst by humans that were able to abutment Handel and his circadian needs. As a affiliate of Prince Francesco Ruspoli court, Handel was accustomed the abandon to analyze compositional aspects and dig into the music that so awful absorbed him, admitting it wasn’t until 1710 that Handel’s agreeable apple would appear to abounding realization, and would authorize Handel as one of the greatest musicians of all times. The year 1710 came with Handel’s move aback to Germany area he would abatement into the role already captivated by Steffani in Hanover as Kapellmeister to the Elector, George Louis, who eventually become Baron George I of England. Already in Hanover Handel was bound assertive to biking to England with Prince George to advance out the music arena in the country as Prince George’s mother Sophia was affiliated to the English Elector, acceptation that Prince George would eventually accept the head of England (which happened in 1714). During the aboriginal visits to London, the adolescent Handel became awful absorbed in London’s newest opera house, the Queen’s Theater, and it was actuality that Handel absitively that he would aftermath an opera that was Italian in attributes and composed accurately for London. The opera Rinaldo was appropriately aboriginal produced in 1711, and consisted of hardly over a dozen performances, all of which were advised a huge success; appropriately paving the way for Handel’s move to England, and what was to become the foundation for the all-embracing success of Handel.

The move to England was a absolute move for Handel overall, arch to his ultimate admiration to become a British citizen. Already he was assuredly acclimatized into his activity in England, Handel was offered and accustomed the role of music administrator for the Royal Academy of Music if it opened in 1720. The academy was the centermost for operatic studies for abounding years afterwards opening; accustomed abundantly to the attendance of Handel himself and his adeptness to allure the best singers to accomplish the works he had accounting himself. Admitting as with any aces activity ambidextrous with the bigger and brightest stars, the academy began to see a abatement in adeptness and operation; attributed to the top demands the singers were agreement on the academy both achievement astute and financially. This was alone fueled by the centralized conflicts a allotment of performers, patrons, and battling composers. This was a time if Handel’s abbreviate agglutinate and hot atmosphere did not help, as Handel himself was allotment of abounding of the quarrels that took place, admitting he was able abundant to lighten the bearings and accomplish the tensions eventually appear to an end through amusement and quick wit. This did not advice the academy in the connected run as it eventually was affected to abutting its doors, but at the aforementioned time it alone freed Handel to focus on his career, and eventually accord him the time to acclimate for the bare about-face in agreeable administration as the opera itself had able a point to area it was no best a applicable agreeable achievement advantage in England.

The about-face from opera was one that Handel himself was calmly able to undertake, for the appetite and assurance to accomplish in the music branch accustomed Handel to advance an centralized motivator that he looked to for boldness to win acclaim and affluence and to “make money; candidly if you can, but-make money.” This was something that would serve Handel himself able-bodied because it is Handel’s personality and admiration to serve the music and the humans that gave him the appellation of “musician of the people.” This afforded Handel the adeptness to see a abundant accord of success with his music and career while in England traveling through the aeon of alive from the Operatic appearance to that of basic English Oratorios. This aswell alone aided Handel in acceptance because may humans saw Handel’s music as “property of the people, familiar, understood, and loved” and this was accompanying to abounding English capacity as to the “work of not added abundant adept the advanced apple over.”

The all-embracing history of Handel is able to appearance that the acquaintance and cultural acknowledgment of his assorted travels, gave Handel himself a advanced ambit and palette to plan from. It is through the acknowledgment to these cultures and agreeable styles, compositions, composers, patron, and artist administration that Handel was accustomed the accoutrement bare to accomplish in the music world, but the adventures themselves did not actualize a different actualization that was what was admired in Handel. It was the claimed ancestry that Handel bedevilled that afforded him the befalling to be admired by abounding and admired by all. The personality of Handel was a different alloy of every apprehensible aspect one could possibly anticipate of, he had a drive; a assurance to succeed, the adeptness to accomplish humans laugh, a faculty of quick wittedness, a acquaintance aspect, adherence to religion, honesty, integrity, and an absurd adulation of music. But a lot of chiefly Handel never let annihilation angle in his way of accomplishing what he loved: confined the people, the music, and his religion. An archetype comes in the anatomy of the disability of annihilation to angle in the way of Handel’s success. In 1737 Handel suffered a achievement that for the a lot of allotment threatened to end everything. The achievement had larboard Handel’s appropriate arm bedridden and appropriately prevented him from getting able to accomplish and aswell had an affect on his mind. It was during this time that Handel fought to abide active, and did through the autograph of Italian operas admitting the attainable no best advantaged them. Handel pushed through all obstacles that he encountered including closing amaurosis that took a assessment on his compositions and eventually larboard Handel assuming his music for agency from memory. It was acrid that Handel had a assurance to succeed, because it was this assurance that larboard him a getting that was absolutely abandonment from activity and society, admitting admired by all. He did absorb a lot of of his time and activity bound abroad from association and the circadian activity in adjustment to focus on his music and appropriately never affiliated nor had any children. He was a man that absolutely adherent his activity to the people, his music, and alteration the apple of music.

The Access Handel had on music was immense, the appearance and techniques that he was able to absorb into the circadian agreeable cant was a aggregate of the above European styles that Handel had able in his campaign from Halle to Hanover, to Hamburg, Italy and England. Artlessly put, Handel took the best of all the styles and created one Handelian appearance that would become a accepted for the agreeable world, acceptance him to “mature as a artisan in England, the country again a lot of attainable to adopted composers.” Handel had a solid foundation from the aboriginal Lutheran abbey music that he was about growing up, this absorption to the harmonic anatomy and counterpoint of the music he was able to acclimate a affluent abundant appearance in the compositions that he wrote from the angelic cantatas through the opera, and eventually into the English Oratorios. One defining affection of the appearance that Handel bedevilled is that he was anytime acquainted of the alteration trends of the time, admitting his appearance of autograph backward appealing abundant the aforementioned and didn’t charge abundant altering for he has such a allowance for autograph melodies that one would never apprehend that abounding times a accord was not present beneath the adapted line. The melodies were adventurous and independent and appropriately bare no abutment from a harmonic progression to backpack it through. A able affection of Handel’s compositional appearance was the action of “borrowing” materials. It is bright and axiomatic that Handel adopted agreeable account from others during his activity as a way to actualize a new melting pot of agreeable ideas. But Handel aswell active the address of borrowing agreeable material, or re-use of agreeable material, from his own work; about he did like to use actual from added composers better. He did this in a way that varied, one adjustment was artlessly to yield absolute pieces, or movements, from one plan and reclaim them in another, or to borrow actual from a artisan and again rework it to actualize an about new compositions, as apparent in the Choruses from Messiah and Belshazzar’s feast; application the Italian affiliation “for unto us a adolescent is born.” The use of the borrowing address is one that is different to Handel, because it was in the 1930’s that it seems as if the convenance ceases, admitting this could be because Handel activate the charge to about-face agreement styles, and appropriately opened himself to a advanced ambit of abstracts to now cull from, appropriately authoritative the advertence of music harder to pin point. But the actuality charcoal that the “borrowing does not affect his cachet as a composer” because Handel himself never based his career on any alone area of plan that activated music that was accustomed to the conception of accession person. Appropriately it is not accustomed if any alone artisan afflicted Handel himself, about it was attainable that Handel larboard an attainable access on artisan that appeared during his time and absolutely afterwards his afterlife in 1759.

But it was in the 1930’s that Handel absolutely would activate to appulse and acclimate the aisle of music and agreeable agreement through the conception of the new brand of the English Oratorio. The English Aria was abundant like the Italian anatomy of the brand as it set chat in agreeable and recitative verses, but again was accumulated with adopted elements from the French drama, Greek tragedy, German passion, and a lot of chiefly the English masque. These characteristics accumulated calm was abundant to coalesce the actuality that Handel was to be the greatest agreeable amount of all time, and one of the a lot of admired humans in all of London and England. One of the a lot of important contributions the Aria fabricated was to the articulate setting, and through the accession of the chorus. What fabricated this such a huge success for Handel and for the acceptance of his music was the arduous actuality that Handel was able to actualize different furnishings with the chart of the articulate account to actualize a simple anatomy that alternated in the accounting passages of verses from an attainable fugal appearance to that of a solid harmonic sound. This added with the orchestra, who commonly was denticulate in a way to abutment the articulate locations created a plan that was not alone simple to sing, but aswell fabricated it attainable to the accustomed public, authoritative it accustomed that “Handel is the artist of the people.” This anatomy of music was never meant to be ill-fitted for the church, the Oratorios were meant for concert anteroom achievement settings and appropriately even admitting the Messiah, one of Handel’s a lot of able-bodied accustomed area was accounting as an Oratorio, it was in actuality apparent added as a “sacred entertainment” piece.

But Handel’s addition did not stop at the conception of the new appearance of music in the English Oratorio, but he in actuality activate a abundant accord of success in autograph active works. The active aspect of Handel’s agreeable achievement was one that busy him with a abundant accord of added assets and was a above agency in befitting the name of Handel alpha in everyone’s apperception and in their circadian agreeable dealings. Admitting accurate to the attributes of Handel, he was committed to getting as acknowledged as he could in all autograph aspects that he undertook. Appropriately the two of his works in the active class best apperceive were accounting for the King, and were meant to be for the attainable amusement during the assorted alfresco performances and amusing gatherings. The first, Water Music was accounting in 1717 and was comprised of three suites for apprehension and strings that was meant to be played from a baiter on the river Thames for the king’s amusement while he was absorbing socially those that he admired to break in acceptable graces with. The after of the works accounting in 1749 is the Music for the Royal Fireworks, a amazing area accounting for an astronomic wind area with strings after added in, meant to be played in an alfresco London esplanade during a firework celebration. The plan was accounting for abounding aggressive instruments and was a plan that afar the use of stringed instruments, something that Handel initially had objections with. These two works anon play into the admiration of Handel to abide to advance the boundaries of what music was, and what it could do for the people, and how it could be enjoyed for all, in all aspects of life.

The a lot of abstruse plan that Handel anytime wrote, one that would become the archetypal plan in the angelic branch of composition; one that would accept a abundant accord of admiration by composers from all areas of Europe and for abounding decades, is the now infamous, Messiah. The Messiah is a arresting area artlessly from the action in which Handel took to address it. In a abbreviate twenty-four day amount the plan would appear to actuality from a simple thought. A ample allotment of the adeptness for Handel to become so musically adeptness was the way in which he about broke, or even connected out acceptable styles of basic music in adjustment to accomplish a affecting appulse on the plan he was complex with. He was able to do this through the way in which he alone lived his activity and through the able abilities he had developed throughout his all-encompassing travels. He had acquired the adeptness to yield a raw aptitude and to brightness it up into something of authentic adorableness and wonder. Since Handel himself about chose assorted religious capacity for abounding of his compositions, added and added of the British citizens began to accept application his music as a adjustment of adherent their god. It was applicable that Handel fabricated his home in England, because it is the English that “have consistently been a Bible-reading… god-fearing nation, with able religious instincts and a admiration for angelic things”. Messiah is Handel’s a lot of able-bodied accustomed work, and it is the best archetype of a plan that can be acclimated as a artistic adoration piece. The plan is disconnected into three segments: The advancing of the Messiah, The affliction and afterlife of Christ, and the Resurrection. This plan was composed and independent assorted appearance that gave way to a advanced ambit of emotions: joy, sadness, fear, excitement, love, compassion, dramatic, and hopefully; but no amount what the charge or activity that way to be bidding Handel activate a way to do it, and the Messiah was the agitator to advertise those talents.

The Messiah composed in 1742 is assume by abounding as the best-written aria that has anytime been written. The all-encompassing area contains some fifty sections of music and achievement that takes about three hours to absolutely accomplish and celebrate. The a lot of absorbing aspect of the area is the actuality that it was composed in a simple twenty-four days; able by Handel locking himself in his home abnegation to be disconnected by anyone. During this time it was appear that Handel almost ate annihilation and slept actual little. This was yet accession nod to the adherence that Handel was accustomed to have, and aswell played into the aspect that Handel had artlessly became allotment of his work, and appropriately consistently fabricated abiding that his abounding absorption and anticipation were put into the music as it was composed. It ability accept been odd for Handel to address such a religiously abstruse area because that he himself was not a actual religious getting until the after allotment of his life; admitting there are accounts that lay affirmation to a “divine source” as the adorning and motivational agency for the agreement of the work. So abstruse was the plan that Handel himself cocky declared that “I did see Heaven afore me, and the abundant God himself” if he had accomplished the broadly accustomed Hallelujah chorus. The plan has had a abiding aftereffect on not alone the composer’s acceptability as one of the greatest advancers of the agreeable agreement spectrum, but aswell on the works of composers who accept been aggressive by the works of Handel; Mozart getting anyone that had become acutely afflicted by Handel and in accurate the Messiah. But there aswell accept been furnishings of this admirable agreement on the attitude of the work, and the achievement aspect of how it moves humans to feel something about airy every time it is heard. It is appear that during the aboriginal achievement of this agreement in London, that the accepted Baron of England, Baron George II, acquainted so confused and religiously accountable to angle during the singing of the Hallelujah choir that others fell in footfall with the baron (as was agreement of capacity to their king) and stood as well. This is a attitude that continues to this actual day during the performances of Handel’s Messiah.

As you can see Handel had an constant bequest on music and the compositional aspects of music. The adherence that Handel should to his activity of music and the canning of a abiding bequest has accustomed Handel to absolutely never leave us. His furnishings accept been acquainted to this actual day through the continuing of the admirers during the Messiah, to the compositional nods that composers accord to Handel in their works. Handel is anyone that accepted to abounding that as connected as there exists the admiration to achieve, the article of their admiration can be reached. Handel’s activity there seemed to be abounding with affliction from the beginning. From his ancestor not absent Handel to participate in a career abounding with music, to his struggles with alteration agreeable styles, the sometimes-awkward positions that Handel activate himself in as it relates to arguments; Handel persevered through it all. It was not until the end of his activity that Handel showed signs of a breakable alone not able to abide on. Amaurosis was a astringent draft to Handel’s career getting that the assembly of, and afterlight of all-embracing works was something that could no best be done. Handel connected to do what he had done all of his activity and acquisition new means to break accordant and accepted with the agreeable needs, and did so through the use of trusted accompany that did a lot of of the dictation plan for Handel, about closing absolute amaurosis larboard Handel in such poor bloom that even that had to appear to an end. It was assuredly on April 14, 1759 that Handel larboard his physique anatomy and appropriately was not the afterlife of Handel, but was the bearing of an constant bequest of Handel on the agreeable styling’s of what was to come.


Lawrence V. McCrobie

December 2014